Blocking the Ad-Blocking

The game of cat and mouse continues at full throttle.  Since the beginning, a fact of the Internet has always been advertisements.  That is what makes the Internet (mostly) free for everyone.  Large corporations pay content providers for advertising rights and in return the visitors must watch some (brief) product placement.

Fast forward to a few years ago and the first “ad-blocker” came on the scene with the promise to eradicate all annoying advertisements from the viewer’s screen.  I remember even an Android app that did this for your phone/tablet.  That was pretty sweet when it worked (Google has since removed it).

As usual with things that seem too good to be true, the success was not permanent.  The larger content sites and even the smaller ones can detect ad-blocking services and will refuse to display the content until you disable your browser plugin.  See screenshot example below.


Who knows what is next to come, but I doubt it will be with the viewer’s best interests in mind.  Stay tuned…

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