Secure Socket Layer

Yesterday I went through literally (yes literally) every host on my IIS server and rebuilt every SSL certificate. I was using the program Let’s Encrypt as my certification authority. Upon first attempt, this was no easy feat with Microsoft IIS. If I had Linux, it would be practically effortless. However, Windows was a different story. Fortunately there is a freeware command line application that assists in the process called letsencrypt-win-simple. For the most part, it does the job well and also create a scheduled task that automatically handles the certificate renewals. 

Unfortunately last month I pressed “create all certificates for all sites” in the program. This made at least twice the number of certs I needed, the new ones pertaining to my redirects. This caused a few issues and spammed my Inbox that some certs were expiring. 

So yesterday as I said before, I started all from a blank slate. The Let’s Encrypt program had its own folder that stored renewal information. I made a copy and wiped it. Then I cleared out all the unnecessary certs in IIS. Finally I went through one by one and made new valid certs that should renew automatically. 

One site wouldn’t accept SSL, but I suspect that is due to the manual HTML encoding used. I’ll be speaking with that webmaster soon. 

Free SSL for the win! 

We Are Now Secure!

Thanks to a fantastic new effort called Let’s Encrypt, this website is now utilizing SSL encryption.  Since there is not an official client for Windows, I used a Github project called letsencrypt-win-simple.  It was super-easy to run and within a matter of seconds, the certificate was installed and bindings updated.  It was stupid simple!  Let’s Encrypt’s goal is to get the Internet encrypted.  There are many benefits of this endeavor.  I’ll be working to encrypt the remainder of my websites soon.

osTicket and IIS 8.5 and PHP 7

I just wasted about an hour because Google failed.  I just extracted the contents of osTicket to the desired folder and attempted to browse to the setup folder.  It generated an HTTP 500 error and I could not figure out why.

“osTicket does not support PHP7 at this time.  It will once 1.10 is released.”

Make sure you use the PHP Manager for IIS to change the PHP version being used to version 5 on the site you are using.  Restart IIS services after doing this.