The Day The Music Died

March 8, 2024. The date the impossible happened.
I bought a 2024 Apple 15″ MacBook Air (M3).

This day was long coming. Ever since Cupertino dropped Intel x86 silicon for in-house developed ARM technology, I think secretly most [intelligent] nerds longed for the cool touch, great performance, and of course the “days” of battery life. The graphs captivated our attention and every reviewer validated their claims. Pretty soon, the writing on the wall appeared for x86. The king is dying and ARM was here to take its place. I’m very certain in our lifetime, Windows and most programs will happily run on ARM. Need proof? You’re holding it in your hand (your smartphone).

Anyway, back to my new laptop. The price was right, the value was excellent, and they had it in stock. The cherry on top was that I got it on launch day. The honeymoon is in full swing. I went 5 days of intermittent use before I had to charge it. I hope to learn a lot from using an Apple computer. This does not mark a change from PC to Mac; I’m just gaining experience.