FDM 3D Printing Colors

Please visit the page here (external link) for a detailed explanation of PLA vs. PETG. https://all3dp.com/2/petg-vs-pla-3d-printing-filaments-compared/
At this time, I strongly prefer to print in PLA, but still can do PETG.


NEW COLORS!! September 2022

GST3D Aquamarine (Pastel)One Roll
GST3D Bubble Gum (Pastel)One Roll
GST3D Mellow Yellow (Pastel)One Roll
GST3D Fluorescent GreenOne Roll
GST3D PinkOne Roll
GST3D Apple GreenOne Roll
GST3D Crystal ClearOne Roll
GST3D Black2 Rolls
GST3D White2 Rolls
GST3D Fluorescent Orange2 Rolls
GST3D RedAlmost Gone
GST3D Florescent YellowOne Roll
GST3D YellowOne Roll
GST3D BrownOne Roll
GST3D VioletOne Roll
GST3D Army GreenOne Roll
GST3D BlueOne Roll
GST3D Light BlueOne Roll
Sunlu MarbleOne Roll
Prima Transparent BlueAlmost Gone
Filamentium Iceland BlueOne Roll
Generic PLA SilverOne Roll
Prusament Jet Black2 Rolls
Prusament Lipstick RedOne Roll
Prusament Ms. PinkOne Roll
Prusament Azure BlueOne Roll
Prusament Galaxy BlackOne Roll
Prusament Galaxy SilverOne Roll
Prusament Vanilla WhiteOne Roll


Duramic Black2 Rolls
Duramic WhiteAlmost Gone
Duramic RedAlmost Gone
Prusament Jet BlackNone
Prusament Prusa OrangeOne Roll
Prusament Mango YellowOne Roll
Prusament ClearOne Roll
Prusament Jungle GreenGood
Prusament Coffee BronzeGood